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Start With Us Sustainable, Digital, and Always Remarkable The traditional business card experience is transformed into a vibrant, sustainable, and interactive digital format. EnoCards, a pioneering company and a subsidiary of Enoflex, aims to empower professionals by going beyond the confines of conventional networking. EnoCards works seamlessly with NFC tags, enhancing the connectivity and efficiency […]

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Cheriyan Foundation

Start With Us The Cheriyan Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization committed to supporting individuals in need. Their efforts are focused on building homes for those who lack adequate shelter, as well as providing other forms of assistance to vulnerable populations. Through their commitment to social responsibility, the foundation has helped to make a positive

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Start With Us Simbell is an upcoming brand in the electronic home appliances market, poised to make a big impact with its commitment to providing high-quality products at budget-friendly prices. The brand understands the importance of making household chores easy and convenient, and this is reflected in their wide range of appliances that cater to

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Start With Us You may also like 165+ 2200+ 87+ 1300+ 82+ 1300+ I look forward to hearing from you! Request a quote via email to hello@lucastudios.comAl Qusais Dubai +971 52 421 0218Behance Instagram

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Happiness Inside

Start With Us Looking for happiness inside? What if you could find the perfect chair to sit in or the perfect table to work at? Would be just like the tale of Goldilocks, isn’t it? Happiness inside tailors furniture to your comfort. We style to express your mood, ease and make you feel at

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